Segway UT10 Crew Tip Out Windshield 2023-2024 Tinted




Segway UT10 Crew Tinted Tip Out

Introducing the industry’s first, all aluminum frame tip out windshield. Finished in a durable textured satin black that will outlast the machine its bolted to. Featuring our Dark Tint 1/4″ RadTech High Definition Scratch Resistant Poly Carbonate, that is trail tested, and ready for years of whatever your farm or trail can throw at it! Backed by the best warranty in the industry, 1 YEAR against breakage or defect. This gives you 365 more days than most competitors offer. Ands unlike glass, this will not shatter or crack from a stray rock or debris. This Tip Out design allows you to ride with it wide open, or closed with the sliding vents open to allow some air to flow. 

All of our tinted modesl feature internally constructed tint, so there’s no chance or peeling or fading. Also available in Clear, or Light Tint (50%). This dark tint version checks out at 80% UV blockage (20% Tint). The look is incredible, but can be a little dark for night riding without a light bar. But, on the brightest sunny day, you won’t have to grab your sunglasses to see to drive, and if it’s too dark at night, open it up! Pair this with a dark tinted rear panel, and you’ve got a Rad set up. 

In true Rad fashion, our install time is the best on the market. You’ll be able to take this fully assembled windshield, have it on your machine and ready to ride in less than 20 minutes. As always, this product is fully Hand Assembled in Kentucky.  

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