2024 Segway UT10 Crew Power Actuating Bed

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Hydraulic-Electric Actuating Dump Bed

Fits all 2024 Segway UT10 Crew machines. Designed to be plug and play with the Premium models that have the buss bar under the front hood. No cutting or splicing required. If installing on a base model Crew, contact us and we’ll include the correct terminals to install in minutes.


This actuator is capable of lifting over 1,500 pounds, within seconds. (Never exceed more weight than your machine allows). This is not like our competitors who use a simple electronic linear actuator, this is a Commerical grade hydraulic over electric that is water resistant and will last for years to come.

Can be used to spread mulch, gravel, or other items with a push of a button. The bed will hold in any position that you select, using the backlit rocker dash switch.

Comes with our 1 Year warranty.