UT 10 Fugleman Windshield Vented 23-Up

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Front Clear Vented Windshield, fits 2023-2024 Segway UT10 Fugleman (regular cab).

-Dual Side Hard coated scratch resistant poly windshield. 250 Times more shatter resistant than glass.

-Hand assembled with our RadTech Ultra Scratch Resistant High Definition Polycarbonate.

-Backed by our 1 year warranty.

-We also offer this is Light Tint (50%) or Dark Tint (20%), with or without vents.

-Comes fully assembled, and installs in 30 seconds or less.

If you want the clearest, most durable windshield on the planet, this is it. Want to order by phone? Call 844-Ride-Rad, that’s 844-743-3723

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