Ranger 900 & 1000 Windshield Light Tint (50% Tint) •Fits 2013-Up 900 and 1000 XP and SOHC •2015-2016 570 Full-Size Pro Fit

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Polaris Ranger 1000/900 Scratch Resistant Windshield. Made with our RadTech High Definition Scratch Resistant Polycarbonate, this is the toughest windshield on the planet. This Light Tint finish blocks out 50% of the light, making it perfect for day rides, and even nice for night rides, with just factory headlights on. Pair this with our rear light tint panel. We also offer all models in a dark tint finish, with front and rear vent options. Unlike glass windshields, which ultimately break and crack, our windshield’s are virtually unbreakable. Over 250 times more shatter resistant, with the best anti-scratch coating available, this windshield will keep you out of elements for decades to come. Our tint is made inside the window, so you don’t have to worry about it peeling, turning purple, or distorting. Ultimate clarity and strength. Ready for whatever the farm, trails, or trailer throws at it. 




We’ve been selling windows since 2015, and even our very first ones are still perfectly clear and in better shape than the machine in most cases. All of our products are 100% Hand Assembled in Kentucky, and we take pride in our work. Unlike our competitors, our windows are ready to install, right out of the box. Leave the work to us, you shouldn’t have to spend another hour or two of your time, busting up your hands, and throwing tools. This Ranger Light Tint Windshield installs in seconds! No tools required.


We appreciate your business! We only build premium quality parts, and stand behind everything we sell. If you want the highest quality, best fitting, longest lasting Windshield, this is it. The scratch resistance alone will change how you view poly windows, and our fit and finish are second to none. We also offer the best warranty in the industry, with our full one year replacement.*





*Warranty covers all factory defects and hardware malfunctions for one full year.

•Fits 2013-Up Ranger 900 and 1000 (XP and SOHC, Regular Cab and Crew Cab) •2015-2016 570 XP Fullsize (3 Passenger with Pro Fit cage)

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