Kawasaki Ridge 2024 Fold Down Windshield Light Tint

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2024 Kawasaki Ridge Fold Down Windshield

-Made with our high quality 1/4″ Scratch Resistant Polycarbonate. Dual side hard coat, with the ultimate clarity and toughness for whatever you can throw at it.

-Perfect for hot summer days in the down position, or for cold weather, or rainy days, fold it up, and lock it in. Great for hunting, as the upper ledge of the windshield in the down position is perfect for resting your long gun. (Check with your local Wildlife Dept for regulations in your area that may not allow hunting from inside your vehicle)

-Installs in less than 60 seconds, beating our competitors version by 1-2 hours! Simply lock it on, and ride! No need to remove this window while trailering (we recommend that it be trailered closed, with the machine facing forward only). Arrives completely assembled, no tools required.



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